Jane See - Melbourne, AU

Coaching through Ainee Cha has been valuable in my search of my career and life. She is part strategist, part thought provoker, and part cheerleader. She has a masterful knack for knowing when to invoke these various skills to bring out the clarity of purpose and desire that is often hard to pinpoint on your own.

With all the mental stressors that come with transitioning from a comfortable college life to a fast paced work environment, Ainee is the perfect psychological reinforcement with her optimistic vitality and consistent support.

Her advice is tailored to my personal aspirations where she gives me one on one suggestions. She has provided me with all the resources, tactics, and application guidance I need to market myself and pursue an undeniably successful strategy. She has perfected her ability to form interpersonal connections with her clients.

Ainee has not only inspired me, but has taught me more valuable advice than any of my college professors have given me for pursuing a career. She truly cares about you and believes in your abilities. Ainee's persistency and energy is contagious

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