Self-compassion is the most important self-soothing tool we have within ourselves. This practice allows us to tend to ourselves the loving-kindness which we so readily offer to others. As we can be hard on others, we are even harder on ourselves. If our inner critic takes the lead, it puts a lot of pressure on the mind which may undermine our well-being.

Self-compassion is essential for allowing the healing to take place as the foundation of forgiveness and acceptance. It fosters the root of giving and receiving. It is necessary to learn that you’re worthy of being loved. Loving ourselves isn’t a weakness, it is a strength. 

This practice draws us into the intimate space of the heart as we nurture the seed of unconditional love - self-compassion, self-forgiveness, self-acceptance, and self-kindness. A beautiful way to settle, soothe, and nourish the tender heart.  Through self-compassion, we learn how to connect with others from the heart. 

Unfortunately, developing compassion for oneself can be far more difficult. If you struggle with showing yourself compassion, then this is where you needed most. 

Never Alone (from The Voice)

by Kaveri Patel

I want kindness,
the kind that makes you
want to take all the horror
movies and burn them in a
great big bonfire on the beach
under a full moon, no werewolves
only brave stars to witness
the end of dramatic fear.

I want kindness,
the kind that makes you
pull out your last $20 bill
for the person holding up
a sign, specific words
to their story too long,
too precious for a dingy
4x4 piece of cardboard.

But most of all I want
self-compassion to be
the new drug, more popular
than Lipitor or Lexapro
unclogging arteries hardened
by inflammatory judgments,
balancing see-saw perspectives
weighed down by worry-

one hand taking hold of the other,
reminding you you're never alone.

Mindfulness-Based Self-Compassion Transformative Program (MBSC) :

Mindful self-compassion teaches specific phrases that resonate, soften and unlock our suffering. The key is to find phrases that resonate with your own heart so that when you feel the pain and hurt, you begin to sense a gentle loosening and opening of the heart space. It is a life-transforming discovery for me. When love meets pain, pain surrender. So, all you need is love.

Self-compassion is a practice more powerful than self-criticism -its roots in love and not fear.

Everyone is unique. Hence, the coaching program is customized to suit you and your needs. I will work with you on this liberating journey to assess your current situation and combine it with my various coaching methodologies and theories to integrate your mind, body, and soul. That will enable you to reconnect to your innate wisdom, rediscover who you are at the core of your being, and establish what is important to you. 

I will walk you through and support you to :

  • Develop healthy mindful habits and skills to effectively deal with the emotional moments you may encounter in life. 

  • Overcome your self-doubts, insecurities, and fears.

  • Release blockages and heal from the inside out.

  • Gain a new understanding of your emotions.

  • Embody the mind, body, and spirit to be in a wise relationship with yourself. 

  • Cultivate acceptance and forgiveness with openness, kind awareness, and compassion.


For you to :

  • Enhance positive emotions.

  • Boost happiness.

  • Increase self-love and self-worth.

  • Foster resilience.

  • Decrease self-criticism.

  • Connect with yourself and navigate your experiences more deeply and directly.

  • Boost clarity into your life no matter what challenges you take on.

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MBSC Transformative Program  

  • 1:1 Personalized coaching program

  • 8 sessions @ 45 mins / session

  • Guided Meditations

  • Personalized Techniques and Affirmations

  • Worksheets and Assignments


Coaching is done virtually in the comfort of your own home via Zoom video call. 


It has never been more prevalent to find ways to love yourself deeply, and unconditionally.

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“Compassion lifts your heart and gives you strength” - Ainee Cha -