What Was Standing In My Way?

Most of us, at some point in our lives, will have to face challenges and obstacles in which we ended up realising that we have somehow fallen into a place where we don’t belong; or perhaps found ourselves lost in the midst of our quest - our journey.

Whether it’s that we are in the wrong relationship, or wrong job or with the wrong people around us. Whether it’s being in the wrong place, or wrong approach to life; or simply wrongdoing. At times, we pretend to believe things that we no longer believe; pretending to be who we are not; or pretending to be someone we were never meant to be.

This moment of realization is no fun. It’s terrifying, it paralyses you with fears. At its worst, you may end up avoiding the whole truth and you succumbed to every situation that comes - you are lost! It’s not yourself, but the truth that no longer serves you.

You’ll know it when your body, your heart, and your soul subtly tells you. All you know is ‘This is not me’. Your conscience is constantly reminding you again and again - the whisper of your inner voice. And each time you realize who you are not, you are a step closer to realizing who you are.

But, what is standing in my way? Why am I reluctant to make changes or take start moving forward?

Your brain can't accept this truth because that would cause a major problem. Your fears are over exaggerating themselves. Feeding you with all sorts of anxiety, stress, and those negative and strong emotions. Fear is in your way. Fear of change. Fear of uncertainty. Fear of losing control. Fear of failure and even fear of success. The fears have prevented you to change or to move on for months and years.

You may look at it this way; this is the only life you have. You are in your comfort zone but somehow you just don’t belong. But your brain is telling you this is all you have. This is your job, your spouse, your family, your house, etc... and then she (your brain) tells you- “This may not be great, but that's all I have, all I have to put up with it because there are no other options."

By now, you are not sure how you got here — but you are sure you don't know how to get out...

Yet, there is this constant beating like a quiet drum, whispering to you... “Listen! Wake up!”

There are people who walked out without knowing if there was a better situation, a better place, a better person or a better job. These people who looked at the life they were in, and then realised that their current life just didn’t serve them anymore, and they left to search the truth that serves them.

I walked away from my pain. I freed myself from toxic people around me. I confronted my fears and I exhausted my assets to find me. But I had listened to the voices within me and jumped right into the unknown and then started writing the journey of my life; creating my own destiny.

Well, it’s not rational to leave your comfort zone and jump into ‘no plan’. It’s insane to even tell you to make such a leap, but I did it anyway; it was a leap of faith.