Maintaining A Positive Composure

There is a tremendous amount of uncertainty in the world at the moment, more than I can comprehend in my whole lifespan. In these challenging times, I am reminded of my vulnerability. My anxiety and worrying thoughts surfaced. I feared more than ever before. But the need to call for my calm is thus far more important right now and right here at this moment. All these times that I have spent training and cultivating mindfulness meditation have been put into real practice. It is at this present moment I'm moved to say;

'How can I show up in a place that says I see you, I hear you, I feel you, I love you and I am here for you?'

Our tender minds are at war all the time. We get caught up obsessing about how the future will turn out in this worldwide crisis, and this creates more anxiety and more stress than it already is. When we are overly worried, our hearts beat faster and our breaths are irregular and shallow. We may feel helpless and despair, or we may feel agitated and overwhelmed.

While stress manifests in our bodies in many ways, we are likely to experience stress differently. Some of us may discover chest pain, palpitations, stomach upset, loss of appetite, and sleep disturbance.

However, when we are stressed, our health is compromised, so too is our immune system.

I strongly encourage you to take a step back and take this challenging time to nurture yourself and you are on your way to nurturing the young and old ones under your wings. Below are my daily practices which I have curated over the years. This practice fosters my inner wisdom and supports me in maintaining a positive composure while I care for my family, and many others as a coach and teacher.

1. Create A Positive Intention

Intentions mean a vision for yourself or your loved ones, a desire for the future. By creating a positive intention, you are activating your receptivity while putting out that which you intend to attract thus elevating the state of consciousness in your body and mind. Start by setting an intention for this lockdown period. A strong and clear intention provides a framework for you to set priorities, use your time wisely and align yourself to stay calm and composed during this period. You may start each day with a positive intention or set a short-term intention while you take time to adjust to the challenges ahead. Be gentle with yourself.

2. Define Your Priorities

It’s often difficult to start when we are pulled in so many directions to set priorities. Distraction is the most common setback to staying calm and composed. By setting your priorities, you are consciously choosing to give your attention to what is important to you. Your positive intentions serve as a framework for you to prioritize your task, thereby putting your intentions into action. Take some time to look inward and ask yourself - “What is important to me at this moment?”.

3. Cultivate Mindfulness and Meditation

Being aware of your 'why you do the things you do' serves a great significance during this challenging time. Mindfulness and meditation have been scientifically proven to promote emotional health, reduce pain, anxiety, stress, and depression. Just one meditation session can help you feel calmer, you’ll notice more benefits the more regularly you practice. For the next 4 weeks, set aside 5-10 mins a day for a short breathing exercise, just sit and observe your breath. Find the time of the day when you know you’ll be receptive to stillness. Some prefer early morning, others like to wind-down to ground the day in the evening or before retreating to bed. You can join me on a virtual group meditation to kick-start your practice. This group is created to support you.

4. Establish A Self-Care Routine

Establishing a self-care routine elevates a positive state of mind. Choose one or two activities that you enjoy doing. Activities such as a morning exercise, a warm bath, a short walk or a healthy balanced diet that can help you to feel calmer. The choice is yours but, do remember to keep the routine - it’s simply ‘Me’ time. You can download a copy of your ‘Personal Self-Care Plan’ here.

5. Practice Gratitude

To cultivate new habits and keep true to your intentions, you must find ways to stay motivated and energized. By practicing gratitude, you are allowing yourself to notice the subtle improvements and becoming more receptive to the present moment and knowing you are a step closer to manifesting your intention. It doesn’t have to be big. Having this time to be with your loved ones is already a blessing. Notice the little things around you.

This daily practice has not only supported me during my difficult times. It has undoubtedly allowed me to connect with my inner wisdom and I am sure it will do the same for you.

I see you, I hear you, I feel you, I love you and I am here for you.

As we come together to embrace the challenges ahead, please do not hesitate to reach out. Aside from caring for my own family, I have also set aside time to support you the best I can. Feel free to message or email me. We are in this together!

May you be held in loving-kindness.

Ainee Cha

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