I am Enough

To all the beautiful women around the world:

It’s International Women’s Day today, and it is celebrated globally in honour of the remarkable contribution of women to our society. A day to commemorate the exciting role of women around the world… and that’s YOU!

It’s with great joy and love that I share my thoughts with you on this day, to remind you that you are doing great; you are better than you think you are, you are more than enough, and most importantly you are loved.

Now, take a deep breath and just notice how you feel today.

As women, we will continuously put pressure on ourselves with all the ‘I should’ more, be quicker, be more efficient and neglect ourselves in the process. We often let the demands of others and the environment lead us and we forget to


Take a deep breath with me...breathing in through your nose and breathing out through your mouth; releasing all our tension in your body, letting go of all the self-doubt, the struggle, the stress that you’ve been carrying.

Take another deep breath now; Smile and see in your mind’s eye your loved ones. Imagining spending quality time together with your loved ones...sending and receiving the love for each other. Sensing the feeling of joy, happiness, love and appreciation of your love and care;

Now, close your eyes and place your hands on your heart center and; Whisper to yourself… ’I am Enough.’ Today, I am enough. I am good enough. I am smart enough. I am wise enough. I am confident enough. I am enough for my loved ones. I am more than enough. I am grateful for all that I am. I am grateful for all I have. I am worthy of love. I am love. I am to be loved. I accept myself for who I am. I permit myself to be who I will be…

Take another deep inward breath… and feel the energy flowing in your body.

‘I am Enough’ remind us to love and be loved. This practice allows us to open ourselves and our hearts to acceptance recognizing self-love and bring ourselves from a place of abundance and wholeness, a place of love and only with love that we continue to grow and spread our wings…

I love you… you are more than enough.

Spread your wings now and share this mantra with your loved ones, help them grow...and let your love go viral today to every woman in your life.

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In the end, it’s all about you!

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