10 Simple Steps to Savour Your Easter Chocolate Mindfully.

Mindfulness meditation is often seen as a sitting down practice. While that is true as a formal practice. However, we can always practice informal mindfulness such as mindful eating. Mindfulness is about being fully aware of our senses at the present moment, and we can do that when we eat - 'Mindful Eating'.

Mindful eating is the best way to start your mindfulness practice. When you are fully indulging yourself and become totally consumed in your food or chocolate, you are allowing yourself to reconnect with your senses and be fully present in the moment.

Today, I encourage you to join me to meditate while eating a chocolate. Give yourself permission to really savour your chocolates this Easter. Approach this exercise with an open mind and gentle curiosity.

Easter Chocolate Meditation

1. Get an easter chocolate egg or small piece of chocolate.

2. Take a few deep breaths and relax your body.

3. Unwrap the chocolate slowly.

4. Take a look at the chocolate; its colour, shape...

5. Feel the chocolate in your hands; its texture, weight and how it feels between your fingers.

6. Smell the chocolate and enjoy the aroma.

7. Take a bite; let it sit on your tongue and melt in your mouth.

8. Feel the sensation in your mouth as it melts; savour its flavours.

9. Move the chocolate around your mouth; become completely absorbed in what you are experiencing as you swallow the chocolate slowly.

10. Observe all other sensations of your body and how it makes you feel.

Congratulation for taking this first step to practice mindfulness. Take a moment to extend gratitude to yourself while you let yourself be totally immerse in the aftermaths to consider your experience. How was it different from your normal eating experience? More pleasurable? Were you more aware of your senses and emotions?

Happy Easter Chocolate Meditation!

With Gratitude.

In the end, It’s All About You!

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