Mindfulness as a ‘Preventive Measure’
for your child.

Cultivating Mindful Kids

Practicing mindfulness and meditation benefit children, teens, and the entire family. It’s amazing how we can bring positive change with little steps. Simple and short mindfulness practice, when repeated, have tremendous power to change our lives for the better. To build this positive change, let us explore how our brain works. Neuroscience has shown that our brain rewires itself with every experience we encounter. This process is called neuroplasticity. 


When we practice doing something, the more connected are the neurons in our brain; the more we practice the stronger the connections and the faster the messages travel and more automatic they become. This is how habits are created. 


Practicing mindfulness is like building up muscle in our brain, the more your child exercise it, the stronger it becomes. It strengthens their brain like mental push-ups. Mindfulness is both scientifically and experientially proven. When your child has sustained their practice for some time, they will likely to practice on their own, especially when they notice the benefit. The cool thing is that they will become calmer and less irritable as they now are more aware of their feelings and mental states. They become less stressed when their buttons are pushed. As children continue to get comfortable with the practice, they will eventually learn to apply the techniques and skills into their routine and use them to deal with difficult situations.


As a mother of two, I find mindfulness is an important aspect of our lives and as a practitioner myself, mindfulness has proven in my own experience as a foundation skill I can give to my child to de-stress, navigate difficult emotions, be less reactive, more focus, and ultimately nurture kindness and compassion. 

The good news is that you can do that too, with mindfulness practice, you can nurture those skills to cultivate mindful children and provide them with a life-long skill to face challenges ahead of them. 

I am passionate about bringing mindfulness to kids and teens, and your whole family. As a mother, it’s only natural that we want our children to flourish. So, why not give mindfulness a go and check out the many programs I offer below.


Cultivating Mindful Kids Programs & Classes

These unique programs integrate the art and science of mindfulness and meditation. Your child will learn to develop mindfulness as they learn to experience the connection between their body and mind. Programs are crafted to include the important aspects of mindfulness and meditation where we engage in a child’s senses: sight (vision), hearing (audition), taste (gustation), smell (olfaction) and touch (sensation).


With the active engagement of their senses, your child will explore how these senses affect their thoughts, feelings, and perceptions. They will learn to relate to their senses and ultimately, they will know how they can bring this life-long skill to help them in school, at home or anywhere. All programs include short video clips, worksheets, mindfulness activities, and guided meditations.

Module 1: Introduction to Mindfulness 
Module 2: Sensory Awareness & Breathing Techniques
Module 3: Understanding Thoughts & Emotional Intelligence
Module 4: Exploring Worrying Thoughts & Emotions


These programs are catered to children from 8 to 12 years. 

Group classes commence during school terms @ 8 sessions/module/term. Seats are limited as I wish to keep the class small to give my full attention to every child. 

Classes are on Wednesdays 

from 4:15 - 5:00 pm

@ Decompression Zone, Consultancy House, Level 4., 7 Bond Street, Dunedin 9016

** Classes commence 29 July 2020 **

Fee: NZD98.00/child/module/term. 



I also offer private 1:1 coaching for your child.
Fee: NZD360.00 for each of the programs/module/term above. Contact me for more information.


Life is not always rainbows and sunshine, challenges and adversities will always be there. As a mother, I want to be there for my children; to provide and support them the best I can. I want to see them grow and flourish by giving them this foundation skill. If you resonate with me, join me at my FB community closed-group and kick-start your mindfulness journey with your children at your own pace. This is a support group at no cost to you!

Cultivating Mindful Kids at School

Programs & Workshops

An 8-week program crafted to include the fundamental aspects of mindfulness. The program includes short video clips, worksheets, mindfulness activities, and guided meditations. Programs offered here are crafted based on different age groups, their understanding, and their needs. This program is suitable for school children from Year 5 to Year 13.

I facilitate short workshops for high school children. Topics include but not limited to :


  • Introduction to Mindfulness

  • How mindfulness can support your studies?

  • How to effectively manage your worrying and anxious thoughts?

  • Understanding Thoughts & Emotional Intelligence


I understand that time is always a concern for schools. All programs can be customized based on your requirements. I am open to any possibilities that suit your needs.

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