Discover Your Authentic Self. Transform Your Life. Create Your Destiny. Be Who You Truly Are. YOUR JOURNEY TO SELF DISCOVERY BEGINS HERE. It’s a journey to reconnect inwardly to awaken your innate wisdom, uncover your intrinsic self, and let yourself blossom your way into living effortlessly in abundance.

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Life throws many surprises at us, whether it’s relationship, career, family, finances, health, personal development, or anything important to you.  Know that we cannot predict the outcome of any situation.


Nonetheless, we can take control of how we respond and relate to a given circumstance. What if I tell you that you can get unstuck from your current stage of life and move to another by getting to know yourself better?


Self-Transformation is not just about changing yourself. It means shifting yourself to a completely new dimension of consciousness and experience. 

Embrace your life and learn how to exert your power of free will over whatever life may throw at you. 

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Stop over-thinking


Are you repeatedly putting pressure upon yourself and feeling overwhelmed by your responsibilities and the turbulence of the world? Do you find yourself suppressing your emotions? Difficulty in letting go? Are you regretting the past, worrying about the future, and not living in the present moment?  Do you feel as though life is spiraling out of control and cannot stop thinking and worrying?

We put so much pressure upon ourselves to do more, be quicker, be more efficient, and so on - neglecting ourselves in the process. And we lose touch with ourselves at some point in life; this is inevitable. There is no coincidence that you’re still right here reading; the Universe has its mysterious ways to catch your attention. Rest assured you are in the right place, the right moment because you deserve it. 

We live in an increasingly complex world, all in the strive to achieve happiness. We long to be loved, build everlasting relationships, achieve harmony with family and friends, a stable career, and income. We wish for more freedom, more stillness, and quiet in our busy lives. With all the current challenges you have been facing, all your desires may seem too far out of reach. 


Everything that happens in your life is a result of your thoughts and feelings. Whatever your current conditions, know that you are innately whole. All that you desire is just a thought away. You deserve to be happier in a contented life but are not sure how to start cultivating the calm and living in tranquility you seek. 


Let me walk you through an intimate exploration of your thoughts and feelings to assist your learning and understanding of personal growth. You’ll learn to recognize your authentic strengths, your intrinsic values, who you truly are, and what you are capable of becoming and embrace life's challenges with open arms.

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Your Authentic Self.


I aim to connect you to your inner wisdom through a process of mindfulness-based self-discovery and gentle guidance. Learning to know yourself, why you do the things you do is the beginning of wisdom. 

I integrate new science and ancient wisdom, weaving these practices together into a vibration of love to bring a balanced attitude to life. A non-judgmental thought-based approach to introduce clarity, acceptance, forgiveness, compassion, gratitude, loving-kindness, and equanimity to integrate your mind, body, and soul as you evolve and regain your sense of empowerment towards life’s fulfillment.


We are all in the process of self-discovery of who we are and what we are capable of becoming. In this self-discovery process, you’ll learn to be in a wise and meaningful relationship with yourself and be empowered to pursue your dream life. 




You are the Master of Your Destiny. You desire a simple and fulfilling life but often find yourself losing a sense of purpose, leading you to feel incomplete.

Empowerment comes when we take full responsibility for ourselves and our actions. This requires us to know ourselves, our values, and our beliefs.  The values and beliefs that you may be holding on to can also be for you and against you, limiting you from growth, embracing life, and from just being you. 

“This Universe is not outside of you. Look inside yourself; everything you want, you already are.” - Rumi

When you are in a wise relationship with yourself, everything will fall into place. Being in a wise relationship with yourself is being able to be present with life - all the pleasant, unpleasant, and neutral feelings as you cannot predict the outcome, but you can choose how to relate and respond to them. 

Allow yourself enough comfort to unleash your unique potential because your past does not equal your future. In this 'Mindfulness-based Self-Discovery Transformation Coaching', you’ll discover that everything you need lies within yourself. You are the navigator of your life. With every choice you make, you create your destiny to become who you were meant to be. You’ll be empowering yourself to create and live a more purposeful and balanced life. When you are in sync with your innate self… believe me, you’ll flow gracefully and penetrate into the field of all possibilities.

I will support you to develop an intimate relationship with yourself, and you will learn to connect with yourself and navigate your experiences more deeply and directly to bring clarity into your life no matter what challenges you take on.



 I am now able to recognise, deal with and lift myself out of bad spells, and I don’t get anywhere near as anxious or overwhelmed as I used to. I am a completely different person than I was before I started seeing Ainee, and I couldn’t recommend her enough.

Bay K, New Zealand



If you're looking to reduce stress, build emotional resilience, or find more peace and joy in your life, you won't regret going on this coaching journey with such a wonderfully wise and intuitive teacher.

Crystal, Finland



Ainee has an ability to draw out your strengths with really good questions and will not be afraid to challenge your beliefs, her ability to help you find your own solutions is fantastic and has helped me uncover my own truths by digging in deep to what I really wanted.

Ainee allows you space to reflect. Ainee has great wisdom.


David Hunter - Middlesbrough, England



I’m so thankful to have discovered this course and start my journey towards self-discovery. After a couple of weeks I began to see a change of perspective in such a way that is more positive and accepting towards myself and others. I grew more confident and open as I began to finally understand myself and discover my values in life.

Sabrina, New Zealand



Ainee is a calm and influential coach and her ability to always put on a smile first makes the sessions I have a joy to receive. I came to Ainee with no specific objectives or path , however in this process, I have developed a sense of purpose and clarity on where I need to get to. I have learnt various methods of meditation and yoga to achieve what I need to achieve on my journey to discovery.

Nisha - United Kingdom


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